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New game in June ;)



good game

not bad

Yep, my next game are going to be better and less buggy


tHx fOr MaKinG ThIs

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yW !

thx dude for following me

its  so cool and its fun


and the demonsdeath0976 account thats my old one

Oh ok I see, so you downloaded again the game, it's cool!

yaeh so how do you make games like this?

With game maker studio 2. I'm gonna use unity next year for better game

really good

Thx man ! :D


its ok 

but cool good game my dude

thx man :D  also you use wrong Pusab lol

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Lol thx for the video xD, but i know for bugs i can't fix all of them :/

Not bad... But first level have got some bugs :)

Yeah I know it's very difficult to fix them !